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Drive Office 365 Adoption


Drive Office 365 Adoption (using targeted templates for marketing & training activities)

Many employees just don’t know all the capabilities in Office 365 that are available to improve their productivity. Most of them just need the proper nudge and education that is targeted for their job role. Once they understand the value of the solution for their personal job tasks it will be a homerun.

IT departments that want to drive adoption of Office 365 need to create customized marketing initiatives that target specific benefits for each job role, and then drive those initiatives with links to training material, business value stories and FAQ’s.

The CoreView solution has all the built-in functionality necessary to automate these adoption campaigns for Office 365 by using these tactics. Using CoreView predefined, targeted templates, the IT administrators can send tailored messages to users with specific job roles and include links to marketing content and training videos that explaining the advantages of Office 365 features to improve their productivity.

CoreView includes these marketing communication templates that cover all Office 365 workloads: Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business and more.

(An example of CoreView predefined template)

An example of predefined template to drive Office 365 Adoption

If you don’t want to use the CoreView predefined, targeted templates, you can create your own customized messages and store them within the available campaign section inside CoreView.
You can also include your own training videos within the available on-line library. They can be tagged with catalog information to organize them alongside the other training videos within the repository, so users can immediately reference them and forward links to colleagues.

Looking for a new Ideas to advance the usage of Office 365 and impress your CIO? Try our predefined, targeted templates to get a jumpstart on driving adoption. Help your user community leverage the productivity benefits of Office 365!

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