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How to Drive Office 365 Adoption with Just-in-Time-Learning


Office 365 adoption

If you are considering the transition to Office 365, or if you already have it deployed, you need a clear process to successfully drive usage adoption across the entire organization. There is extensive functionality in Office 365 that can truly improve user productivity, but much of it goes unutilized for different reasons. Addressing the challenge of driving adoption to unlock the potential ROI from Office 365 is a top-tier goal for most IT organizations around the world.

Most people log into Office 365 and perform the same activities they’ve always done, such as checking e-mail, viewing calendar appointments and uploading documents. However, the more advanced features in Office 365 are used very little. The reason is that most users don’t know how much time they can save by leveraging these capabilities, or they’re simply afraid to use them.

As a matter of fact, a Gartner study conducted earlier this year identified a significant gap between Office 365 usage and value. For example, nearly three-quarters of respondents indicated that they use SharePoint, but they assigned it an average of 14 points out of 100 for value.

That’s why many organizations are focusing their efforts on driving adoption and awareness for Office 365, so their employees understand the business advantages of using these tools. The most seamless method that IT groups are leveraging these days are indexed, on-line training videos, or “Just-in-Time-Learning”. – CoreView has the most extensive offering for these types of videos.

By leveraging CoreView to drive adoption, organizations can utilize the integrated training video library, which includes over 2,700 on-line videos to help end-users learn more Office 365 and ProPlus capabilities. These videos can be linked to any adoption communication messages by job title or role. The viewing history of the training videos is also available for tracking and reporting to identify adoption trends.

You can also integrate the CoreView training videos inside of Microsoft Teams (see below) and SharePoint to provide easy access to learning from within the actual workload environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Training and Adoption solution and how it can help you increase usage adoption for your Office 365 deployment, sign-up for a demo.

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