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New release: Skype for Business, integrated PowerShell scripts and more!

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In preparation for Microsoft Ignite 2017 we have been working hard to develop some powerful new features that will be rolled out over the course of this week. When choosing the name of our next release we kept a few things in mind. We wanted our customers to experience our exciting new capabilities, but also remember how down to earth we were for providing tools and features that IT admins can truly use to save time in their busy schedules. So, our next stop in the US tour will be a place with a grass roots background and some exciting venues.

Welcome to Sonoma Valley, a wine-producing region north of San Francisco. Here you will find hundreds of vineyards, ranging from small, family-run estates, all the way up to international wineries. And this little hamlet is set amid a fabulous and friendly community.


Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect, including some new management capabilities for your Office 365 environment, time-saving custom actions, exciting reports and new campaign features to drive usage adoption for Office 365.


If you are a regular user of the different CoreView features, you may have noticed that we recently added some new reports. We are now able to give you even deeper insights about the activities within Skype for Business.

The Skype for Business activity report is extremely useful to monitor how much your users are leveraging peer-to-peer communications, as well as participation in conferencing sessions.

Skype for Business report

The Skype for Business peer-to-peer activity report shows how your users are consuming Instant Messaging, audio, video, and application sharing, plus the number of users who are transferring files within Skype sessions.

Skype for Business peer-to-peer activity report

The Skype for Business conference organizer activity report allows you to see how much your users are organizing conferences that use IM, audio/video and application sharing.

Skype for Business conference organizer


With our newest update, you will have the ability to manage Exchange Calendar permissions, Skype for Business Settings, and PSTN Numbers.


As an Office 365 administrator you can allow users to share their calendar information publicly. In order to reduce the risk of users sharing sensitive data, you can now give permissions to selected users to enable access to specific calendars, indicating the type of access rights, through the new manage calendar permission feature.

Manage Calendar permission in Exchange

SKYPE FOR BUSINESS: PSTN Numbers and general settings

PSTN calling provides the people in your organization with a primary phone number, and lets them make and receive phone calls from outside of your company.
With our newest update of CoreView, you will have the ability to manage the phone numbers assigned to your Office 365 users, allowing them to make voice calls from all Skype for Business devices, including desktop phones, PCs, and mobile devices.
You can also allow users to record audio and video meetings, as well as block external communications for specific individuals, all from within the built-in function inside CoreView.

Skype for business settings


You’re now able to quarantine mobile devices from within the built-in functions of CoreView. These quarantined mobile devices will be allowed to connect to the Exchange server but will not be allowed to retrieve any content from the user’s mailbox.

Quarantined mobile device

CUSTOM ACTIONS: integrated PowerShell scripts

Every IT administrator has different wants and needs to complete the daily tasks they face. So we’ve tried to make our management solution completely flexible and customizable for them.

Office 365 admins are now able to write custom PowerShell script covering any management action on their tenant and distribute those scripts easily to other admins who will be able to run them within their v-tenant without being a global admin.

For example, an Office 365 Admin can write a PowerShell script to assign a specific license, set specific services, assign licenses to external tools like SalesForce, all from within the CoreView platform. Then they can securely enable that same custom action to be utilized by other admins within the company.

Custom actions in Office 365


  • Compliance reports: Previously, in order to check if there were some security issues identified by CoreView, the IT admin would have to connect to the CoreView portal to find out about them. Now, those same admins can receive a notification email immediately when any issue is detected so they can quickly perform the appropriate remediation tasks.
  • New Adoption campaign templates: With the built-in functions inside CoreView, customers can perform usage monitoring for the different workloads provide inside Office 365, and then create inactivity reports to identify those specific users who need additional training or motivation to utilize the different Office 365 applications. Administrators can now choose from a wide range of predefined adoption campaign templates, and then send customizable messages to those specific users with links to marketing content explaining the advantages of Office 365 features based on their job role.
  • Import CSV files: This new function allows admins to bulk import items from CSV files to load additional information into the CoreView database.


New features are continually becoming available!


In the coming months, we’ll add more capabilities to improve admin efficiency! Stay tuned!
Want to try out this fantastic release? Find out more about our CoreView solution by just logging into the portal. If you haven’t tried our Office 365 management and reporting solution yet, sign-up for a free demo on our website.

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