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Office 365 User Analyzer


Office 365 User Analyzer

Enterprise organizations have so many different business units, departments and geographic locations that it’s difficult to create specialized user reports that pivot on the information they need to aggregate. To help provide this flexibility to our customers and empower them to visualize their user activity data however they like, we’ve created a reporting utility called the “User Analyzer.”

This new feature resides in the User Reports area of CoreView and it allows you to filter your user information by any different attribute and categorize the data however you need. This is particularly useful when you are only interested in a subset of the data that you want to show in your report.

(Example of the User Analyzer Reporting)

Office 365 User Analyzer Reporting

With the User Analyzer, you can easily catalog specific user activity data from your Office 365 environment and identify trends that are taking shape. It allows you to quickly filter through users by company, license pool, country, city, last logon time and much more. As you select a filter you’ll be able to see live search results with the most up-to-date user activity information displayed on the page.

We’ve also added the ability to create filter combinations within the User Analyzer. The enables additional flexibility to refine the data selections for your search results. You can add a new aggregation filter with a single-click.

(Example of Add Aggregation Filtering Option)

Please try the new User Analyzer reporting tool and provide your comments through the feedback button on the portal. Your input is extremely valuable to us as it helps to prioritize our work and identify new capabilities we should add to the product.

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