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Release Notes for CoreView Version 19.11


New features, greater ease of use now available!

CoreView Version 19.11 released on Monday, Dec 16, 2019. Here is a brief summary of key new features. Please access the Support Portal  for more details.

This new version has a modest number of new features, but offers plenty of value for customers, and high value for their organizations.

General Improvements: 

CoreView replaced the steps required by our registration wizard with a far simpler application consent request that offers enough permissions to perform a complete registration with just that simple consent. This feature, aimed at new customers, also requires no MFA when registering to use CoreView solutions.

New Sign-in and Registration page 

Making registration even easier, CoreView optimized and simplified the look and feel of the sign-in and registration process, creating a simple flow that allows customer to finalize registration in minutes just by granting consent into the platform. 

Governance Improvements: 

New Teams Manage AutoAttendant Actions 

Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business, and pushes new O365 customers to use Teams rather than Skype. With this in mind, CoreView updated the functionality of Call queue. Now admins can create/remove/update the Auto Attendant using Teams instead of Skype for Business.

New Mail User Management Actions 

In the 19.11 release, the ability to manage end user activity on Exchange has been enhanced. The changes to Mail User actions, requested by customers, allow admins to create/edit /delete Mail Users, and completes the series of Actions under Mail contact.

Custom Baseline for Compliance Report Improvements 

With the 19.11 release, admins can create custom baselines for compliance. Included in custom baseline options are the ability to create KPIs, fixing the UI, changing default columns and adding standard actions such as export, Pivot, etc.

Visibility Improvements: 

New Teams Activities in User Card 

Statistics contained in User Cards are now also contained in a User Card Teams tab, giving insights into the end user’s Team usage.

Small UI Improvements

The CoreView user interface has been enhanced to reduce the number of clicks needed to retrieve information, also to better guide the admins with the appropriate types of labels. In particular, CoreView has improved the filters that apply immediately when selecting isEmpty/isNotEmpty .

Automation Improvements

Auto-binding When Executing Workflows From Reports

In order to offer a simpler UI that helps admins more easily complete their tasks, CoreView added functionality that automatically bind elements from a Report and attach it to a Workflow. i.e.: if an admin wants to delete all the guest users and do so using a Workflow, the system will automatically link the field (with the same name ) into the input required from a Workflow.

New Action in Workflow: Rename User 

 When creating a new Workflow, admins can add the action that will rename the user. 

Bugs Squashed:  

More than 100 small bugs squashed in this release!  If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how you can leverage its powerful management and analytics features for your organization, request a demo at

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