The GDPR Puzzle

We all know that GDPR compliance cannot be achieved by one standalone product, individual or service. It’s a combination of elements from both within and outside an organization cleverly put together like an enormous puzzle. CoreScan is one of the pieces.

CoreScan addresses the GDPR pain points around searching for PII info when a ‘Subject Matter Request’ is received, helping you to easily find requested information within the set 72 hours.

CoreScan automatically scans, identifies and retrieves all personal information in all documents stored within multiple systems such as File Shares, Office 365, SharePoint, Google Drive, Databases, DropBox, One Drive, CRM, etc. It can be managed locally within an organization and is quite affordable in comparison to other scanning tools claiming to help with GDPR.

Watch the Demo

See how CoreScan (Formerly ScanR by Termset) can benefit your organization by watching the short video below.

We have aligned CoreScan to many key partners to help them complete the GDPR puzzle in a structured, cost-effective and timely manner. To see how CoreScan can help your organization address GDPR quickly, request a demo.