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Cloud Transformation Award

Washington D.C. 12 July 2017. At the Microsoft Inspire event held in Washington D.C. from July 9th to July 13th, the 2017 Partner of the Year Award winners were announced. For the eighth consecutive year, 4ward was awarded the Cloud Transformation – Office 365 Partner of the Year for Italy. This award recognizes the company’s ability to stand out as a leader in productivity and collaboration solutions that support the digital transformation journey for customers around the world.

“Thanks to our expanded partnership with Microsoft, we can again celebrate this important milestone,” states Christian Parmigiani, 4ward’s Chief Marketing Officer. “For us this award represents a validation for the growth of our product offerings and our investments made on cloud platforms such as the Agile Bundle(, our smart working solution with change management and technology adoption , or our recent SmartFlow365 (, an innovative and fully customizable solution to take advantage of all SharePoint’s potential, improving business project management with a significant time and cost saving and a big productivity increase. We are also pleased to announce the recent international certification for ourSFB365 Bundle (, a solution targeted for the successful deployments of Skype for Business Voice.” – adds Parmigiani.

In addition, 4ward has been recognized over the past two years as the Country Partner of the Year for Italy, three times as the Cloud OS Country Partner of the Year, five times as the Microsoft Partner of the Year in Western Europe for Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Studio solutions, and once as the Partner of the Year for the Open Source on Azure award.


Founded in 2002, 4ward has become one of the most rewarded Microsoft Partners in Italy, winning the prestigious “Italian Microsoft Partner of the Year” award for two consecutive years. The company has been active on Cloud platforms for over ten years, and has performed many successful projects with both national and international companies covering different industries, such as retail, finance, manufacturing, logistic and transportation. 4ward operates both in the ICT infrastructure and the application development markets, bringing innovation to customers and positioning itself as a reference partner for digital transformation. In 2016, 4ward expanded its operations to North America where it now focuses on the deployment of the company’s flagship product, 4ward365 (, which provides enterprise organizations the ability to monitor, manage, report, and audit valuable information on all aspects of their Office 365 environment.


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