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CoreAdmin Named Gold Star Product in Techgenix Review

Gold Star Product

When Techgenix decided to do a CoreAdmin review, it didn’t choose just any reviewer. Brien Posey has been a Microsoft MVP 18 times (and counting), formed CIO for a national hospital chain, and lead network engineer for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Knox.

Posey knows the challenges Office 365 administrators face, especially dealing with what in essence a dozen or so different native Admin Centers, each with its own, often complex way of doing things.

Office veteran Posey quickly saw how CoreView’s CoreAdmin offers a powerful, easy to use alternative to all the native Admin Cents, and replaces the need for manual or PowerShell-based administrative actions.

Companies that need numerous global admins to handle Office 365 tasks are less efficient, have weaker reporting and are more vulnerable to security breaches. CoreAdmin helps by offering RBAC to restrict admin access, built-in reports that use metadata to drill deeper, and workflow templates that make processes automatic, repeatable and consistent.

CoreAdmin reporting, with more than 200 reports deeply analyzing key Office 365 statistics. Posey found these reports more interactive than other management tools he’ looked at. Moreover, with CoreAdmin, these reports are actually actionable. “Most admins probably don’t want to sift through 6000+ results within a report. However, CoreAdmin includes filtering tools that can help you to find the results that are most relevant to what it is that you are looking for,” Posey wrote, adding “CoreAdmin’s filtering capabilities are second to none. The software lets you perform multi-level filters using almost any available Active Directory attribute. The software can narrow down a huge result set in a matter of seconds, leaving on screen only the information that you are really interested in seeing.”

Dramatic Cost Savings through License Optimization

As an ex IT leader for large organizations, Posey knows his way around a budget. So it is no surprise that he caught the way CoreAdmin saves money – way beyond the theoretical arguments many management software makers offer. The sample environment and report Posey looked at represented one of our smaller clients, and even still, the results were impressive. “The report reveals the amount of money being wasted each month (on a per department basis no less) as a result of accounts being licensed, but not used. The company could save a little over $55,000 per year just by cleaning up some inactive accounts.

That is small potatoes. CoreView has one client, albeit a massive US-based enterprise, who spotted savings through license optimization of some $14 million per year.

The Role of RBAC

As a highly experienced administrator, Posey latched on to CoreAdmin’s role-based access control (RBAC) abilities. “In Office 365, all admins have global credentials, even if RBAC is used to limit what those admins can do. Even so, global credentials can be dangerous, and in a perfect world should only be assigned to your most trusted admins. Conversely, CoreAdmin allows for admin accounts to be tied to specific Office 365 features, rather than attempting to limit what global account holders are able to do,” Posey argued.

If all this sounds like Posey liked the product, you’d be right. CoreAdmin earned a Gold Star with 4.8 out of a possible 5 points in the review.

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