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CoreView Acquires Alpin to Extend Powerful Office 365 Management, Security, and Adoption Capabilities to Leading SaaS Applications

Boston, MA – October 29, 2019 – CoreView, the only intelligent SaaS Management Platform (SMP) for Office 365, today announced that it has acquired Alpin, a leading management solution for identifying and managing SaaS applications to accelerate IT operations. The acquisition provides rich integrations with leading SaaS solutions into CoreView’s robust platform for Office 365 to provide unparalleled visibility into usage, costs, renewal schedules, policy enforcement, security and configuration vulnerabilities, as well as the ability to identify unapproved SaaS applications in use within an organization.

“Businesses often aren’t able to maximize the return on their SaaS investments because they don’t even know what SaaS applications are in use and they don’t have the ability to easily take actions on insights into their SaaS environment,” said Julien Denaes, co-founder and CEO of Alpin. “Together, CoreView and Alpin offer organizations the ability to get granular reporting into their SaaS environment and realize significant cost savings through best-in-class SaaS management, monitoring, and security capabilities.”

CoreView’s and Alpin’s platforms deliver immediate return on investment through license spend optimization and will provide even greater cost benefits as an integrated offering. The unified platform handles a wide variety of important enterprise SaaS management needs including application discovery, license spend optimization, security alerting, policy enforcement, workflow automation, and adoption and learning across an organization’s entire cloud environment. These capabilities enable customers to proactively reduce costs, mitigate risk, and maximize the return on their investments in Office 365 and other SaaS applications.

“CoreView has provided us with tools to efficiently and securely manage our Office 365 infrastructure while integrating the deep insights necessary to maximize ROI on our software licensing,” said Stephen Chris, COO, Baker Tilly Canada. “The ability to extend this functionality to other SaaS applications would allow our professionals to implement the tools necessary to complete their work while identifying potential risks and maximizing software investment within the larger business operations.”

Importantly, the Alpin acquisition enables CoreView to provide greater value to its Office 365 customers by tapping into the market for solutions that address Shadow IT concerns. This is a major problem as research from Cisco shows that the average large enterprise uses over 1,200 cloud services and 98 percent (1,176) of them would be classified as Shadow IT. Alpin allows CoreView to offer IT teams granular user-specific and application-specific controls that identify all SaaS applications in use, monitor activity, and offer additional features such as “Blacklisting” (blocking admin-selected SaaS applications from use), “Lockdown” (blacklisting every existing and/or new SaaS application in emergency situations), highlighting file and email data leakage, showing vendor security certifications, and more. Most SaaS solutions are benign but there are malicious applications that can add significant costs and reputational harm if not handled properly.

“By extending CoreView’s powerful Office 365 capabilities with the insights Alpin collects on other leading SaaS applications, we provide significantly more value to our customers and partners, augment our already impressive Office 365 platform and expand our total addressable market,” said Michael A. Morrison, chief executive officer of CoreView. “One of the greatest strengths of our Office 365 platform is the breadth of insights we provide because we manage the deepest level of detailed information related to an organization’s Office 365 environment. With the addition of Alpin, CoreView offers an organization unparalleled insight into all of its SaaS applications to identify cost-cutting opportunities, mitigate potential vulnerabilities, and drive adoption.”

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