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CoreView Announces CoreCommunity and CoreReporting Editions

Free CoreCommunity Discovers Key Microsoft Office 365 Issues; CoreReporting Offers Additional Visibility with More Than 100 Reports 

Orlando, FL – November 4, 2019 – CoreView, the only intelligent SaaS management platform (SMP) for Office 365, today announced the release of two new solutions: CoreCommunity and CoreReporting.

At Microsoft Ignite 2019, taking place November 4-8 in Orlando, CoreView will be demonstrating the CoreCommunity Edition, a free version of the CoreView solution set, and the CoreReporting Edition, a reporting-only solution that details usage and configuration in the Office 365 tenant.

CoreCommunity Edition: This new free version of CoreView helps organizations get an overall picture of their tenant through a series of dedicated dashboards, tracking more than 100 KPIs/metrics, and a free Office 365 Health Check.

“CoreCommunity is a set of key performance indicators and metrics that help Office 365 IT pros discover opportunities for license optimization and savings, and to have a better understanding of what operators, admins, and end users are doing on the system,” said David Mascarella, chief global strategist and co-founder of CoreView. “The goal of CoreCommunity is to give all this information leveraging KPIs and metrics to inform the customer on trends and highlight the opportunities for improvement on the security, savings, and operational issues CoreView has detected on the tenant.”

CoreCommunity includes Secure Score, a report that shows how the organization’s level of security compares with other companies and serves as a basis for improvement. Secure Score awards points for good security practices, such as adopting multi-factor authentication (MFA), using third party solutions to improve security, regularly producing and viewing security related reports, and using and configuring recommended Office 365 security features.

CoreCommunity also tracks: 

  • Products usage over time 
  • Operational issues 
  • Compliance policies 
  • Teams adoption

CoreReporting Edition: CoreReporting targets organizations looking for deeper visibility into their Office 365 tenant. The solution’s faster and detailed reports make reporting a breeze compared to Microsoft tools. Organizations will be able to easily analyze millions of entities in an instant.  

CoreReporting includes all CoreCommunity dashboards, adding the capability of drill down from KPI/metrics to the related detailed reports.

CoreReporting includes a subset of reports from three different CoreView solutions: CoreAdmin focused on management; CoreSecurity, which tackles Office 365-specific vulnerabilities; and CoreAdoption, which drives deeper use of Office 365 applications, such as Microsoft Teams. These reports go from high-level overall organization stats down to the individual end user level.

“CoreReporting is aimed at customers who want visibility and reporting on their tenant in few clicks and seconds–compared to the several hours it takes with the native Office 365 Admin Center and PowerShell scripting,” explained Ivan Fioravanti, chief technology officer and co-founder of CoreView. “It offers hundreds of configuration properties retrieved in near real time from Office 365, from Exchange configuration settings per user like Litigation Hold, Archiving, and Storage, to OneDrive usage stats, Teams configuration settings, and Yammer Usage.”

To learn more about CoreCommunity, please visit:

To learn more about CoreReporting, please visit:

About CoreView 

CoreView is the only intelligent SaaS management platform (SMP) for Office 365 that combines actionable visibility with granular management capabilities. The single-pane interface saves organizations millions in operating costs, mitigates risk, drives adoption, and empowers employees. For more information on CoreView, visit or follow us on Twitter (@CoreView_Inc) or on LinkedIn. 


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