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CoreView Partners with Livecommitment to Maximize SaaS Investments For Organizations Across Italy

Vimercate, MB – February 13, 2020 – CoreView, the only intelligent SaaS Management Platform (SMP), today announced a strategic partnership with Livecommitment, a leading provider of digital engagement services, to help Italian organizations achieve digital dexterity and maximize their cloud investment.

“Digital engagement is a top priority for organizations that want to increase operational efficiency, optimize employee productivity, and achieve maximum ROI,” said Michael Morrison, CEO at CoreView. “We are pleased to partner with Livecommitment, a company that has a proven track record of helping alleviate common enterprise software challenges.”

CoreView’s flagship SaaS Management Platform is a critical tool for enterprises that want to maximize productivity by increasing employee adoption of Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. Through a single-pane interface, CoreView helps customers save millions of dollars in operating costs by avoiding security risks, cutting operating costs, and increasing efficiency.

It is easy to overlook the untapped potential of enterprise software and get bogged down in security challenges and regulatory requirements. The proliferation of applications has created complex IT environments that are increasingly hard to manage. The integration between CoreView’s SaaS Management Platform and Livecommitment’s digital engagement services enable customers to get maximum value from their SaaS solutions.

“CoreView helps organizations navigate common enterprise SaaS challenges and gain actionable insights into their infrastructure,” said Giovanni Micieli, CEO at Livecommitment. “Enterprise IT teams are under mounting pressure to justify their cloud migration strategies to management, which is why their SMP’s ability to deliver insights that demonstrate ROI, good security hygiene, and employee engagement is so valuable.”

About CoreView

CoreView provides the most powerful SaaS management platform (SMP) to help organizations avoid security risks, cut operating costs, and increase efficiency. CoreView combines actionable visibility with granular management capabilities in a single-pane interface to increase productivity of Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. For more information on CoreView, visit: and follow us on Twitter (@CoreView_Inc) and LinkedIn.

About Livecommitment

Livecommitment was founded on February 2019 but the origin of the business has to be searched in the more than twenty years business experience of the two co-founders, Giovanni and Pio Micieli.

Thanks to strategic important partnerships in the IT market, Livecommitment management is able to bring value to the services it offers, with a particular focus on the digital engagement and the cloud-based digital platforms.

They support brands with planning and integration of IT systems to manage customer targeting and to improve customer services. They offer digital consulting, planning marketing strategies, agents training, customer service organization, server and software monitoring solution, data processing.

Livecommitment mission is to help brands optimizing their investments across marketing, sales and infrastructures to lead them into the digital transformation.

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