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CoreView Signs Partnership with Dataplus

Innovative SaaS Management Platform for Office 365 Offers Dutch Companies Intelligent Administration, Delegation And Security Capabilities

Milan, October 24, 2019 CoreView, the only intelligent SaaS management platform for Office 365, today announced that it has partnered with Dataplus to help businesses located in Netherlands achieve maximum value from their Office 365 investments. Dataplus joins the company’s international network of channel partners, resellers, and MSPs including Bechtle, CompuCom, E3 Business Consultants, Edgeguide AB, Livecommitment, CONGUIDE GmbH, and Soarsoft International Limited.

Dataplus, a major Microsoft license service provider (LSP), received feedback from Dutch companies that they were having expense management and invoicing issues with Microsoft Office 365. These organizations didn’t have any visibility into what type of Office 365 license was being used, how many were active, app usage, or which internal department needed to be invoiced. CoreView provides actionable insights into all of these questions and helps businesses save significant time and money on their SaaS investment.

“With CoreView, we can offer customers a clear view into their monthly Office 365 costs so they can pay only for the licenses their employees are using,” said Dataplus CEO Remco Blaauw.

CoreView’s flagship SaaS management platform for Office 365 has established itself as an essential component of businesses’ cloud and hybrid management strategies. The company’s platform provides user-friendly features that help companies elegantly administer Office 365, identify security vulnerabilities and application misconfigurations, and drive adoption through automated campaigns leveraging “just-in-time” learning videos – all through a point and click paradigm with no scripting or coding. CoreView also includes workflow capabilities that automate repetitive, manual and error-prone business processes, such as onboarding and offboarding employees.

“We are excited to add Dataplus to our global network of channel partners,” said CoreView CEO Michael A. Morrison. “The channel will play a critical role in helping CoreView continue its momentum within the Microsoft ecosystem as we’ve found the problems our platform solves are common to most businesses, regardless of size, region, or industry. We work closely with our channel partners to package and price our solution to help them maximize their profit margin as well as provide other value-added services to their customers.”

If you are a reseller, MSP, or channel company that is interested in learning more about CoreView and its SaaS management platform for Office 365, visit:

About CoreView

CoreView is the only intelligent SaaS management platform (SMP) for Office 365 that combines actionable visibility with granular management capabilities. The single-pane interface saves organizations millions in operating costs, mitigates risk, drives adoption, and empowers employees. For more information on CoreView, visit or follow us on Twitter (@CoreView_Inc) or on LinkedIn.

About Dataplus

Dataplus is a specialist in Software licensing, subscription and services. Not only can  Dataplus deliver all major license and subscription contracts but we also have qualified trained license experts, security services, Azure Services, SAM services and expense management services. Dataplus helps their customers with improving upon their efficiency and continuity on multiple levels. For more information on Dataplus visit us on or follow us on Twitter or on LinkedIn

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