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Microsoft Names CoreView a Preferred Solution for Office 365 Management

Atlanta, Georgia and Milan, Italy — June 7, 2019 —CoreView has been named a Preferred Solution for Office 365 Management thanks to its unified, end-to-end approach to managing Microsoft workloads.

CoreView’s CoreSuite platform is best known for providing a “single pane of glass view” that allows for role-based access control and action-enabled reporting across workloads. This helps customers better assess, streamline and optimize everything from license allocation and utilization to security compliance and the effectiveness of user adoption campaigns.

In addition, CoreView is commended for offering in-context training content. CoreView’s library of 2000+ videos are integrated to run inside of SharePoint, Teams and Dynamics to encourage just-in-time learning. This means the worker never needs to leave the application they are working in, a huge benefit in terms of overall worker productivity.

Being selected by Microsoft as a preferred solution for providing end-to-end visibility of all Office 365 activities is a milestone in CoreView’s mission to provide the best possible SaaS management solution in the market. Says CoreView CEO Michael Morrison, “Between Microsoft naming CoreView a Preferred Solution and Gartner naming CoreView as a “Cool Vendor” in Digital Dexterity and AI for the Digital Workplace, we believe that the value we provide to Office 365 customers is becoming increasingly clear.”

To learn more about why Microsoft has named CoreView a Preferred Solution, visit CoreView’s listing in the Microsoft AppSource library

About CoreView

CoreView, an Insight Partners portfolio company, is the global leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) for Office 365. We provide enterprise organizations and Microsoft partners with the ability to monitor, manage, report, and audit valuable information on all aspects of their Office 365 environment, via a “single-pane of glass” control platform. This comprehensive data and the advanced functionality built into CoreView allows organizations to improve security, streamline administration, achieve compliance, optimize licensing, and deliver operational improvements. For more information on CoreView, visit or follow us on Twitter @CoreView_Inc.


Christine Peart, Global Controller

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