CRB utilized many of the key technologies In the CoreTag product.

  • Automatic Taxonomy Creation

Using a number of artificial Intelligence techniques CoreScan created business focused taxonomies for CRB built on the Information Inside their documents.

  • Document Summaries and Language Detection

CoreScan created accurate document summaries of complex documents and determined the languages they are written in.

  • Document Summaries and Language Detection

CRB enriched tens of thousands of documents with rich and consistent metadata. The metadata was utilized to provide advanced search solutions across their Intranet platform

IT Pain Points

CRB store a wealth of Information In their corporate Intranet and ensuring their users can quickly find the right Information was a top priority. Creating highly technical taxonomies from scratch would have been a time-consuming exercise. Additionally, asking end users to choose metadata tags whilst uploading documents was not considered a good use of their time.

A Comprehensive Solution

CoreTag was able to create custom taxonomies for CRB based on the Information Inside their documents. Many of the taxonomies were highly technical containing thousands of terms and synonyms. CoreTag was also able to derive Information from the library, folder structure and names of documents and create metadata based from those values. The taxonomies were then used to automatically apply metadata to the documents and in turn add search refiners In SharePoint enterprise search. Several specialized search sites were created allowing highly specific Information to be readily discovered.

Future Plans

CRB are now planning a larger metadata tagging project which will enrich documents as they are migrated into SharePoint to ensure they are discoverable for all employees.

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