KiZAN Case Study

CoreView Sprinkles Office 365 Magic on KiZAN Managed Services

KiZAN Technologies has a growing roster of O365-based managed services, including a tight focus on O365 learning and adoption, in particular driving Teams optimization. KiZAN takes a holistic look at clients’ O365 tenants, and implements RBAC, virtual tenants and O365 license spend and usage analysis.


Client: KiZAN Technologies
Situation: KiZAN looking to expand Office 365 managed services business
Challenge: Providing leading edge Teams learning and adoption service, being trusted advisor for O365 management.
Solution: CoreView’s CoreAdmin with virtual tenants and RBAC, CoreLearning and CoreAdoption.
Results: After deploying CoreView, KiZAN:

  • Create quarterly client reports on uptime, patching, service health, open and closed ticket rate, license usages and workload issues.
  • Unified one client’s dispersed O365 tenant representing 40 different organizations into single client and single set of identities.
  • Drove Teams Usage from less than 15% to 60-70% in three months for one client.
  • Worked with Microsoft on 15-20 Team adoption solutions in 7 months.
  • Applied virtual tenants and RBAC for Middleby Corp., an enterprise with 20+ child companies
  • Use CoreView to help clients in M&A situations

The Client

KiZAN Technologies is a solutions provider with a thriving managed services business that includes a raft of Microsoft Office 365 offerings. “From strategic roadmapping and licensing consultation to application development and 24/7 helpdesk support, our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial service. As your trusted technology partner, KiZAN will provide the service and expertise your organization needs as it transforms and expands,” the company explained.

The Situation

KiZAN has a growing O365 managed services business, which today includes Cloud Voice, Office 365 Optimized Adoption Managed Services, Office 365 with Collaboration Services, and the Office Essentials Plus and Cloud Identity service.​

The Challenge

KiZAN wanted its Team Learning and Adoption services to truly stand out. In one program, KiZAN “focuses on ‘proper’ usage, training users to make the best use of the tool; not necessarily focusing on ‘easy’ adoption tasks,” said Bryan Cornette, KiZAN Director of Communications and Collaboration. “When a customer’s needs called for Live Meetings, or Teams Channels for collaboration, we would drill into that with the Champions and training departments, and tech users to leverage the right tool for the job. CoreLearning made that much easier for us to deploy and promote.”

The Results

With CoreView’s help, KiZAN’s O365 business is thriving. “We are a management services company. Our biggest push is around CoreLearning. We developed an adoption change management program where we use reports concerning adoption, consumption and usage. Campaigns and CoreLearning is where we have the biggest push,” said KiZAN’s Cornette. “As a service, we have done a big push around adoption and usage because Microsoft cares deeply about active users and consumption. We have a few managed services that are all around adoption and making sure the clients are taking advantage of their licensing and using what they bought. We leverage the combination of CoreView reports and campaigns, and subsidize that with either some of our own instructor-led training if it is Champions network training, or CoreLearning with the Just-in-Time Learning (JITL) how-to videos from CoreView.”

KiZAN is seeing great success driving Teams adoption. “We run campaigns in a managed service fashion to move them from not using Teams at all, or some people not even having Teams. Of course, COVID pushed some of those numbers up. However, before that, we were going from less than 15 percent usage for places that already owned it, to well into the 60s and 70 percent within three months,” Cornette said.

Part of KiZAN’s Teams success comes from working with Microsoft, such as with Microsoft’s Project Tandem. “Through Project Tandem alone, it is 15 to 20 clients in the last seven months ranging across industry verticals such as hospitality and manufacturing. Humana was a big change management customer of ours, but that was before Project Tandem. T. Marzetti, they are one that ran through it as our managed service,” Cornette said.