In January, 2019, CoreView ran an Office 365 Health Check against the entire Toyota Motors Europe environment. This entails a two week in-depth scan of the entire TME production tenant, with 16,535 accounts, and resulted in a 22-page report detailing security issues, license overspend, and IT administration issues.

The report serves as an Action Plan for addressing Toyota Motors Europe’s Office 365 shortcomings, and a path towards impressive cost savings. The CoreView solutions now address these and other Office 365 issues.

The Health Check found these problems:

  • The problem: E-mail auto-forwards are a security and data leakage concern. CoreView found three mailboxes that had auto-forwards set that pointed to external “” addresses, plus 30 other accounts that were pointing to outside mail domains. The solution: Reset these to internal e-mail addresses, or have the auto-forwards removed completely.
  • The problem: Malware infections are a problem for internal end users, but also an issue when malware is spread outside the company. The Health Check found 337 mailboxes that were sending over 250 messages with malware in a single day. The solution: Investigate these accounts for malware or other security concerns.
  • The problem: Mailbox permission allowances are another concern. The Health Check’s mail file security report identified 852 users that had secure access to over five different end-user mailboxes. The solution: These may be generic mailboxes for business purposes, but warrant inspection to ensure that this extended level of access for those individual accounts is appropriate.
  • The problem: Password never expires is an open invitation to hackers. There were 935 accounts that have their password expiration turned off. The solution: Use CoreAdmin to automatically enforce password resets and insure password complexity.
  • The problem: Sign-in events from possibly infected devices are an indication of intrusion attempts. There were 58 sign-ins tries from possibly infected devices. The solution: Use CoreView to investigate the source of these intrusion attempts, and strengthen defenses against them.

Finally, the Health Check report projected total yearly savings for optimized license management of $1,789,296. On the oversized license side, the Health Check found that only 25% of users need the Office 365 E3 Plan they were assigned. The remaining 75% of those users could be licensed with an Office 365 E1 plan, because they are not using Office ProPlus, or the extended enterprise features.

Health Check also found inactive and unassigned licenses that can be returned for a refund. There were 3,212 unused E1 licenses, and 9,434 unused E3 licenses, representing a savings of $278,688. Application utilization was also examined. Not using Office 365 applications means you are not fully realizing the value of your investment, and not maximizing end user efficiency.


While Toyota Motors Europe (TME) is part of an international company, this group itself covers 44 countries. In fact, its approximately 10000 employees span 63 nationalities. This makes the management of Office 365 end users difficult, time consuming, and leaves the organization at risk for data breaches, data leakage, malware infections, and overspending on Office 365 services.

The organization needed a platform and solution to better manage their Office 365 environment. In particular, Toyota Motors Europe needed a modern, agile way to control their licenses and license spending, virtual tenants (v-tenants) and end user segmentation to improve Office 365 management and administration, and new ways to prevent and investigate security breaches. These breaches are not just bad for business — they lead to GDPR compliance problems as well.

Future Plans

TME can now increase OneDrive adoption for better data protection and availability, and boost the adoption of Microsoft Teams to maximize end user productivity.

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