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Karen Hardy Dance Studios

Case study

Established in 2008, Karen Hardy Dance Studios is London’s only luxury private members’ ballroom dance club.


Private Dance Studio




Office 365


19-25 floating


– Small IT team
– Money wasted on excessive licensing
– Limited visibility into specific user activity




– Saved £20,000 a year by replacing Dropbox account with OneDrive
– Reduced admin burden on IT
– Made corrections to provide all staff with the appropriate role-based access or restrictions to mailboxes and files
– Saved £10/month/user


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To support their prosperous business, Karen Hardy Dance Studios needed to implement a robust IT infrastructure as quickly and easily as possible. With each instructor busy focusing on dance instructing, managing tuition, and developing client relationships, their email, file sharing, CRM software, and other productivity tools had to be very user-friendly and secure. The IT team consists of an IT Director and Operations Manager, therefore the instructors are occasionally responsible for setting up and tracking memberships and other IT tasks themselves.

The dance studio immediately deployed Office 365 alongside the conception of their company. Their IT Director, Conrad Murray, was the only one with Global Admin access to the Microsoft tenant. As such, he was responsible for a multitude of time-consuming tasks such as creating mailboxes for new hires, disabling logins, and password resets. It was also difficult to tell whether they were over-licensed, and consequentially, over paying.

Aside from extra time and money being poured into its IT, Karen Hardy Dance Studios faced potential security risks. There was no way to find out where unnecessary fully delegated access had been granted—such as to Outlook mailboxes—without having been removed or audited. This potentially meant that certain staff had elevated access where they shouldn’t, but there was very little insight into how to fix it.

“CoreView provides incredibly great value for the money. This is genuinely a product that gives back to the customer, actually enabling them to save money and have the product pay for itself. Microsoft is selling licenses that people let go to waste without realizing. This product helps you negate that.” Conrad Murray, Co-Owner and IT Director, Karen Hardy Dance Studios


Architect at CoreView, deployed CoreView for the studio. They chose this solution specifically for the key reporting features of component use, security auditing, unlicensed users, granular delegated administration, and most importantly, the ability to drive adoption of features. Conrad Murray leveraged many of CoreView’s built-in reports, and took advantage of the new information on licensing and mail use. The automated licensing reports gave him insight into areas they were spending money unnecessarily, and tracking email senders and receivers provided visibility into who was adopting certain workloads and effectively communicating with their clients.


CoreView has successfully brought another layer of security, efficiency, and cost awareness to Karen Hardy Dance Studios. Even in the trial stage, Conrad Murray found out that half of the studio’s staff had access to mailboxes they shouldn’t, and was able to resolve that issue in minutes. Also, considering the time it saves on the IT Director’s password resets and other admin tasks, CoreView will end up paying for itself.

The IT team mainly uses CoreView for Outlook, Skype for Business, and OneDrive. The following features have helped them significantly with these workloads:

  1. Delegated Administration – Karen Hardy Dance Studios’ most-used function within CoreView — delegated administration—has enabled Conrad Murray to provide certain tasks to lower level admins and employees. This also ensures employees have access to information and functionalities specific to their roles.
  2. Advanced Security and Compliance – Privileged access and DLP reports have enabled Karen Hardy Dance Studios to hit many compliance mandates. In addition to streamlining restricted mailbox access, the dance studio was also able to perform cost-saving audits on over-allocated licenses for users who have not utilized certain workloads that correspond to their Office 365 license type.
  3. Improved Adoption Rates – With CoreView, Conrad Murray has been able to drive particular Office 365 workloads by tracking user activities and following up with inactive users. Not only has the studio replaced its DropBox account with OneDrive, but they also deployed Skype for Business. In both cases, Conrad Murray was able to assess adoption rates and reach out to individuals who needed extra support to encourage adoption. As a result, user engagement flourished.