Pyramid Consulting Solutions Beefs M365 Security Services

Pyramid, a $300 million plus solution provider, launched an array of services leveraging CoreView’s Microsoft Office 365 Security, Management, and Optimization solutions.


Built four M365 Managed Services, including:

  • M365 Administration
  • Microsoft Teams Administration
  • Adoption/Productivity Metrics
  • CoreView Hybrid Admin and Support

Built Enhanced Version of CoreView Microsoft Office 365 Health Check that identifies problems, and what they cost to fix.

Founded in 1996, Pyramid is a global solution provider with over 4,000 consultants. It has a close relationship with Microsoft, and uses CoreView to help secure, manage and economically optimize the use of their Microsoft 365.


Client: Pyramid Consulting Solutions
Situation: Pyramid needed to build a portfolio of rich, high-quality M365 services.
Challenge: Finding a partner with deep M365 security insight and solutions who can also manage tenants effectively and save customers money on M365 investment.
Results: After partnering with CoreView, Pyramid launched:

Tech Assessment and Roadmap work, including:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Microsoft Platform, Licensing, Security & Migration Optimization
  • Quality Assurance Optimization
  • Information Security
  • Microsoft Office 365 Licensing, Security, Productivity and Microsoft Teams Adoption
  • Software Licensing
  • Cloud Cost Optimization

Pyramid’s project work includes:

  • Mail Hygiene, Security and Compliance
  • Threat Protection and Data Protection
  • Migration from Skype to Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Usage and Adoption Rollouts
  • Microsoft Office 365 Training, Adoption, and Campaign Programs
  • Active Directory Health Check, and Clean Up

Managed Services, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Administration
  • Microsoft Teams Administration
  • Adoption/Productivity Metrics
  • CoreView Hybrid Admin and Support

The Partner

Pyramid Consulting Solutions, an Atlanta area solution provider with over $300 million in annual revenue, built an extensive and dynamic Microsoft Office 365 practice with the help of CoreView. The solutions begin with advisory services, include project work, and offer rich managed services.

The Situation

Microsoft Office 365 is a complex environment that many SMBs and even large enterprises have difficulty handling. Offering compelling and soup-to-nuts M365 services is a massive and intricate process.

The Challenge

Having the ability to deeply assess the state of the customer’s M365 tenant is incredibly expensive, consumes massive amounts of time, and is not easily repeatable.

Native M365 does not come with a wealth of M365-specific security protections. Nor do general purpose security solutions address M365 issues such as identity, data leakage, and least privilege access.

Data protection is another challenge. Experts say that 80% of confidential information in an enterprise is in Microsoft Office documents. If you’re an M365 shop, that’s where the identities are created and held. These are Microsoft identities, and if hackers breach the identity, they can get to the confidential information in those Microsoft Office documents.

Luckily, Pyramid has an answer. “According to Microsoft, that’s your responsibility (identity protection). If protecting 80% of your corporate data or your secrets or your plans are up to you, and Microsoft says it’s up to you, then you better be partnered, or you better have a tool to report on it. You better be configured well. You really need to have a handle on it,” said Mark Wuerslin, Practice Leader Microsoft 365. “Once you put all your data in the cloud, any misconfiguration or secrets are just there for anyone without a border. The importance of securing that, to make sure it’s reported on, is paramount.”

Tracking and Thwarting Malicious Sign-Ins

Many enterprises and service providers rely on CoreView’s suspicious or impossible sign-in reports, which show, for instance, that there are people from China or Eastern Europe trying to log in, or possibly even successfully logging into your system. “With some clients, we’ve seen successful logins from Ethiopia and Nigeria. You’re like, ‘Why are people logging in from these countries?’ Not unsuccessfully, they’re successful. They’re doing stuff. Not one of these people had said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re are totally aware of that.’” Wuerslin said.

Keeping Passwords Safe

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is critical to security, but many O365 shops don’t understand the importance or how to manage MFA. In fact, Microsoft says, if you have MFA, you’re 99.9% protected versus not having it. Fortunately, CoreView reports show where MFA and passwords need to be tightened up.

“We’ve seen MFA drastically reduce those items where you go from 30 different locations down to just a few, very clearly with the MFA enabled. We’ve seen the proof of that in the actual working,” Wuerslin said.

Pyramid’s Range of O365 Solutions

Pyramid has three different approaches to using CoreView as part of a Microsoft Office 365-oriented business. There is project work, and two different levels of managed services. There are managed services where Pyramid does particular things for a client, such as license optimization, looking at security, and so forth. Pyramid can also literally manage the entire O365 tenant, acting as the administrator. The company does both domestically, and through a foreign subsidiary offering more of 24/7 style coverage.

“We are using it for advisory services as well. It comes in with an advisory service. That initiates projects, Microsoft Teams adoption, or whatever it is the client wants to do, such as license optimization. From there, we get to see the full value of an optimization service. Whether that’s optimizing price or security,” said Rich Cannon, Market & Channel Development, Pyramid Consulting Solutions.

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