The Wonderful Company Uses Reporting to Drive M365 Adoption
Food and Beverage

The Wonderful Company is a privately held, $4 billion global enterprise with 8,500 employees worldwide who are dedicated to growing, harvesting, and bringing to market healthy, nutritious, and natural “real foods” to consumers everywhere. The Wonderful Company is focused on supporting healthy brands for healthy lifestyles through an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and safety across every part of the organization.

IT Pain Points

As early adopters of Microsoft 365 and Azure, The Wonderful Company understands the value of investing in cloud-based IT solutions. However, the company quickly came to realize that the generic reporting and administration features offered by Microsoft were lacking the necessary capabilities to effectively manage their distributed businesses.

A major requirement was the ability to delegate specific admin permissions and data visibility to the different IT groups supporting each business division. Since many of the brands operate as siloed companies, they wanted to ensure that security boundaries were set up within the Microsoft 365 tenant to segment user management and control license distribution accordingly. Microsoft 365 provides only an “all or nothing” admin approach, which resulted in too many individuals with full Global Admin rights. Consequently, the IT team knew they needed a more flexible management approach.

The company also required specific reporting on a regular basis to optimize license management. Without insight into which licenses were owned by each business unit, and up-to-date information on active versus inactive users, the IT groups recognized that it would be nearly impossible to proactively maintain an accurate subscription model for licensing.

A Comprehensive Solution

The Wonderful Company researched all available options and found that CoreView offered the most comprehensive management and reporting solution to meet its business needs and help the company improve management of its Microsoft 365 environment.

Daniel Park, the manager for Information Systems, cites CoreView as being the only integrated solution that could handle all the management and reporting needs for Microsoft 365. In October 2016, The Wonderful Company moved forward with the deployment of CoreView. The solution has been instrumental in the company’s newfound ability to manage its business units as separate entities—empowering each IT group with unique capabilities—and streamline many of its administrative tasks.

CoreView’s built-in and customizable reports have been extremely valuable to The Wonderful Company. The different IT groups are now able to manage independent license pools assigned to each business unit. Since the solution was deployed, Park has found close to 400 accounts that were licensed, but inactive. With this information, Park and his team were able to reassign or revoke certain licenses, enabling them to improve budget forecasts. The team has now implemented a proactive license management methodology to ensure the company is rarely oversubscribed.

Future Plans

The Wonderful Company is looking to deploy OneDrive for Business in 2017, and will use CoreView’s targeted marketing campaigns to help drive adoption. The campaigns will automate communications to specific users who need additional training and incentives to utilize OneDrive. At the same time, the IT team will gain insights into adoption trends by tracking user activity within CoreView. Park notes that they will continue to use CoreView in the future, since it is the only solution that can help them stay in control over license management for their distributed business divisions.


In less than four months, CoreView has enabled The Wonderful Company to optimize its license management and reconstruct Microsoft 365 into a set of virtual tenants assigned for each business division in the company. These virtual tenants have provided a completely segmented environment with the appropriate security boundaries to delegate admin rights and management permissions that allow each business division to support their users independently. Specific improvements to the management of Microsoft 365 include the following:

Admin Rights Delegation
CoreView has enabled The Wonderful Company to effectively segment its Microsoft 365 tenant into separate groupings, or virtual tenants based on business units. Each business unit has been assigned a set of administrators who were delegated specific tasks and capabilities to successfully manage their separate user community.

License Management
CoreView gives The Wonderful Company an easy way to manage the license allocations for each business unit by using separate license pools. These license pools enable the IT team to assign binding license allotments to each business unit, which allows them to efficiently manage their own license assignments.

Security Auditing and Alerts
All Microsoft 365 log file information is exposed within CoreView, which has empowered the IT groups to create many custom reports for distribution. In addition, there are specific automated alerts that have been configured within CoreView to notify administrators when security compliance issues are identified.