Microsoft 365 Management Made Easy

Microsoft 365 management made easy

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Do you struggle with administering your Microsoft 365 tenant? Have you ever wished there was an easy way to segment your tenant so you could delegate permissions more granularly to group or site admins?

Microsoft has introduced Administrative Units and they are a great start to creating boundaries within your tenant for user and group administration but are they enough? What about the other Microsoft365 services not covered by Administrative Units?

Simplifying the Microsoft 365 administration, while adding boundless power and masterful automation is a game changer – shortening tasks to seconds, offering the satisfaction of steady accomplishment, and reducing errors to near zero.

Join Kyos and CoreView’s SaaS experts for a 45-minute session, on 25th March. You will learn how to:

  • Radically simplify the administration, replacing up to 12 different Microsoft admin consoles
  • Create Virtual Tenants and flexible RBAC – for delegation of appropriate tasks for segments of the organization
  • Implement automation – of custom actions to enforce security policies, of provisioning and deprovisioning

Reduce complexity, eliminate ongoing scripting and changes, enforce policies for governance and procedural consistency, and save hundreds of manhours of admin time.

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