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Choosing the Best Training Videos for Office 365


The Best Training Videos for Office 365

There are multiple training options when it comes to delivering education to your user community for new communication and collaboration technologies such as Office 365. But which is the best model for today’s workforce? Classroom Training? Computer Based Training with preset Curriculum? E-Learning Paths with Validation Tests???

From listening to our customers, we have found that “Just-in-Time-Learning” (JITL™) is the most effective model these days. If you haven’t heard of JITL yet, then this blog will interest you. It provides a discussion on the use of “Just-in-Time-Learning” videos to help organizations truly drive education, knowledge and usage adoption for Office 365. JITL addresses the training needs of the modern technology-focused workplace and the stringent, on-demand information requirements of a rising millennial workforce. Convenience, accessibility, relevance, efficiency, and engagement: JITL embodies the hallmarks of a productive learning experience.

Overview of JITL

JITL is having quick-easy access to knowledge just when you need it. It is not having to wait until you can get ahold of a subject matter expert, or having to scroll through a set of long, training curriculum videos that you watched weeks ago. JITL solutions deliver short, focused segments of training to information workers when they need it. And in a perfect scenario, the training tips and videos are integrated directly inside the application that your information workers are using. Rather than sitting through hours of online E-Learning modules, users can tap into pre-recorded “how-to” videos, task-based tutorials and other learning tools to zero in on just the information they need to solve problems, perform specific tasks, or quickly update their skills. Immediately after learning, users apply their knowledge to the task immediately, thereby reinforcing the learning and improving retention.

The “Just-in-Time” concept has its origins in the world of manufacturing. In the manufacturing industry, efforts are made to reduce inventory costs and wastage by synchronizing the manufacturing and distribution of products with when they are needed. Similarly, in the modern workplace, the perfect time for learning how to use software is when information workers need help to perform a task or keep up with changes in technology. A further complication is that software training is essentially perishable due to the speed of change in the cloud-based applications we use today, such as the communication and collaboration platforms found in Office 365. The JITL approach allows information workers to update their skills continually, whereas the knowledge gained from classroom training and traditional E-Learning can quickly become obsolete. As reported by a recent CEB Research article, 57% of employees expect learning to be more “just-in-time,” or as-needed, than it was three years ago.

Powered by Quick-Access Search

There is almost nothing that you can’t look up on search engines and find the answers to these days. Information workers have become accustomed to having on-demand access to knowledge. They don’t want to wait for IT organizations to roll out the rigid training paths from online E-Learning courses. They want to be able to find lessons, tips, and task-based videos just when they need them. They don’t want to be taken away from their desks to attend a training session; they want to synchronize their learning into their busy schedules and find the information quickly when they are challenged with a specific task.

The success of any JITL solution requires fully discoverable content. The metadata and audio indexing for JITL drives discoverability and makes efficient learning a reality for information workers. It is imperative that powerful search features are included within the training library itself to help employees find what they need quickly. This improves accessibility to knowledge.

The LightUp 365 Training Portal

Through a recent acquisition, the CoreView solution now includes the LightUp 365 training videos which follow the JITL methodology. They are completely indexed and made available within a single-sign-on portal that utilizes a customer’s Office 365 login credentials. There are over 2,000 videos that are short, how-to style learning features which are completely based on specific tasks around Office 365 workloads and ProPlus.

Example of Configurable On-Line Training Portal (videos stored by workload and application)

Integration with TEAMS and SharePoint

An additional benefit of the LightUp 365 videos is that they can be easily integrated inside TEAMS and SharePoint. That way users can stay within the exact same environment to quickly find information about how to perform a task and then get right back to getting their job done.

Example Integration for JITL Videos inside of TEAMS

Key Benefits of CoreView Training from LightUp 365

An always up-to-date, and ever-growing set of Office 365 training videos. Your users can browse or search through an ever-growing library of How-To videos integrated right within Office 365. As we add new videos, they become available to you automatically.

Seamless single sign on. Your users access the training seamlessly from within Office 365, so there is no administrative burden on your HR, IT, or Administrative staff.

An affordable learning solution. We provide practical training for an affordable price. You don’t have to send your users to expensive and theoretical classroom-based training. They can be productive right away.

A customizable and flexible platform for delivering custom training. You can easily add your own custom training or link to any digital content (such as videos, documents, presentations, and so on). You can also customize the user interface and navigation. Furthermore, with just a few clicks you can target any training to your users the way you want.

Usage insight. You can quickly see which training is popular and what users are viewing through easy-to-use reporting and analytics.

Targeted learning. You can create learning campaigns and deliver them to your users via social media, email, or any other way you normally communicate with your employees.

Summary of JITL Training for Office 365

As described within this blog article, we feel that JITL methods are the best approach to deliver training and education for Office 365. Now with the acquisition of LightUp 365 we have the most complete solution for driving training and adoption for your Office 365 deployment. CoreView can help customers easily target user groups for specific adoption campaigns, design the communications for education and awareness, track the campaign activities, and then report on usage trends. The CoreView solution has all the built-in functions necessary to truly drive training and adoption of Office 365 within your company.

Today CoreView is the only unified management solution for Office 365 that can help organizations perform targeted adoption campaigns. And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help you drive adoption for your Office 365 deployment, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a complimentary trial at

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