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Release Notes for CoreView Version 19.08


More than 30 new features available!

CoreView Version 19.08 was released on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. Here is a summary of the biggest changes.

Health Check now available on request! Be the IT hero of your company by showing your executives an elegant and detailed document that details how to maximize your Office 365 investment by improving security, optimizing licenses and driving adoption. This is all done through our new Office 365 Health Check assessment which produces a detailed 20-page report. Ask support or your partner for more information.

General/Reporting improvements:

  • 20% of licenses are oversized, meaning you are paying for features you don’t use. Our new Enhanced License Optimization report helps you to discover oversized licenses, and suggest cost optimizations in a few seconds, with just a click.
  • Are you struggling with Office 365 and PII due to Privacy Laws? Our new Show Anonymous Data feature helps you maintain and enhance governance, above what is natively available in the Microsoft Admin Center, as well as drive application and service adoption for your tenant, while completely hiding PII information and usage stats.
  • Management of inactive users is a priority for security and cost optimization reasons. As enhancement to the native Microsoft security features, CoreView lets you view vital information on inactive users related to Azure AD logon data.
  • Do you know how many daily changes happen in your tenant? Now CoreView gives you a set of KPIs on the last 7 days’ changes in the main dashboard.
  • Are Microsoft free licenses distracting you during license management? You can now hide free licenses in the Subscription Overview report as well as in License Templates to make your life easier.
  • Would you like to notify the right team or team members in case of Office 365 issues? CoreView enables you to alert key people when a service they are in charge of is having issues.
  • New Columns selector in all reports

Drive Adoption:

  • Now CoreView can drive application adoptions for additional targets like Dynamics, Outlook Web Access — and more.

Workflow improvements:

  • CLONE USERS in one click. Have you ever received the request: “Can you create a new user like user1, with the same licenses and permissions?” CoreView Clone User makes it easy – with just one click. Just imagine how much easier it is to copy and apply the settings from one user to a brand new user. And since those settings are proven correct, there is far less human error.
  • To help you be more professional, consistent, and reduce human errors, we enhanced our Robotic Process Automation in various areas like:
    • Hybrid actions
    • Office 365 Groups Management
    • Manage more Exchange settings like Litigation Hold, Archive, CAS, Regional settings
    • Pre-provisioning OneDrive site
  • You can now save your favourite workflows to speed up execution.
  • You can now create custom workflow templates.
  • You can group actions to make workflow more readable and manageable.
If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how you can leverage its powerful management and analytics features for your organization, request a demo at You’ll find the complete release notes here.

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