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What TermSet Brings to the CoreView Solution Platform



The recent acquisition of TermSet (announced earlier this week) has added a new dimension to the business value provided by the CoreView solution platform. Now customers can leverage CoreView to optimize their SharePoint content management and improve search for all their unstructured content items such as documents and images. Additionally, TermSet helps identify sensitive information stored inside SharePoint document libraries and catalog those entries for security reclassification. A recent IDC article reported that knowledge workers spend approximately 2.5 hours of every workday searching for information stored within their different content repositories. A root cause of that comes from the complexity of finding documents when only their file name is indexed. And since over 80% of information stored by organizations consists of unstructured content, you can understand why this is such a big issue. That’s where TermSet comes in to lend a hand with its automated taxonomy mapping and metadata tagging for documents.

Since CoreView is focused on driving adoption of Office 365 for our customers, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to add solutions to our platform that help customers improve their user experience for Office 365. We saw the immediate advantage provided by TermSet to optimize search in SharePoint by enabling automated content metadata tagging. It was an easy choice for us to add that functionality to our CoreView product suite. Here’s a little bit about how TermSet works.


Using a set of well-defined processing steps and wizard-based menus, any organization can perform the automated discovery and analysis of their unstructured content items. Whether the documents are stored in file shares, or already imported to SharePoint, the TermSet product can access them and perform the forensic analysis of the information to generate a configurable taxonomy of descriptive field classifications. With that detailed information available, the business experts within the organization can work with the IT team to choose the specific items they want to be applied as metadata fields associated with each document. These automated steps use built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to identify the keywords within documents that best represent the true nature of the information and are the most likely candidates to be applied as metadata tags for search indexes of the content.

**Note: If the document is a scanned image, then OCR functionality is applied automatically to read the document and create a text-based representation of the information so it can be included in the taxonomy mapping process.

Example: TermSet Taxonomy Mapper for Healthcare Content Repository


Using that newly established taxonomy mapping, the TermSet solution performs an update on each document to apply the associated metadata with the detailed information for each field. This is applied during the document Enrichment phase of the process cycle by TermSet. Once completed, the accurate classification of these documents in SharePoint and the associated search results are greatly improved.

Example: Metadata Tagging Process – Content Enrichment Phase

As you can see from the updated SharePoint list provided in the screenshot below, the associated documents have additional metadata associated with them which corresponds to the new field classifications. These metadata fields can be applied to any list view in SharePoint as an improved method to sort, filter and categorize the associated documents.

Example: New Metadata Fields Populated by TermSet

As you can see from the features described in the sections above, the acquisition of TermSet fits squarely into CoreView’s commitment to empower customers with solutions that will improve their user experience of Office 365. As a multi-year, Microsoft gold partner, CoreView will continue focusing on our long-term goal to help customers accelerate their ROI for the Microsoft cloud. We feel strongly that optimizing search for SharePoint (and TEAMS) will help drive adoption of Office 365 for any organization.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and see how TermSet can help optimize SharePoint search, please join us on our upcoming webinar scheduled for February 7th at 1:00 PM (EST) and at 13:00 UK GMT.

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