Six Terrible Office 365 Migration Mistakes

Migrating without governance, auditing, security, license management, a productivity plan or proper administration is a big mistake. Instead of enjoying all Microsoft Office 365 has to offer, your admins suffer under a new and complex workload, end users don’t reap full O365 productivity rewards, and hackers have their way with what should be an exciting new SaaS productivity environment.

Unfortunately, many, perhaps most organizations moving from on-premises versions of Office to O365 only focus on the migration of users, data, applications and services. Once the move is underway, problems arise – administration is tougher than they hoped, Office 365 specific attacks threaten data, and the granting of licenses is a willy-nilly money-wasting affair.

Avoid these six mistakes with our new whitepaper Six Terrible Office 365 Migration Mistakes.

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