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Accelerate Office 365 usage adoption

Effective Training and Adoption Methods for Office 365

What do you need to do to be successful!

The IT administration challenges for usage adoption in Office 365 have caused enterprise organizations to shift resources into creating a more proactive approach to monitor user activity and create targeted marketing campaigns to help drive better adoption for the different workloads in Office 365. For organizations that want to be more proactive in fostering the adoption of SharePoint, Skype for Business, and OneDrive, and to not lose money from their investment, they need more visibility into user activity across all the products in Office 365.


In this webinar, we will showcase how admins can improve usage for Office 365 and how to get valuable insight into your O365 users and run very targeted campaigns, including:

- Proactive monitoring and reporting for user activity on all Office 365 workloads;

- Creating targeted adoption campaigns and accurately tracking usage trends;

- Leveraging on-line, training videos to drive education for advanced functionality in Office 365.

Register now and increase the usage of Office 365 by 20% just in the first month!

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November 21st 2018 | 11:00 CET


Andrea Calcagni

Andrea Calcagni - Enterprise Account Manager

Andrea is an open-minded EMEA Sales Executive Manager with a wealth of operational and management experiences with national/multinational companies and with strong entrepreneurial attitude. As a sales leader with 15+ years of success in software sales, Andrea has developed partnerships and strategies in the IT, Telecoms and Internet/E-commerce sectors.

Martin Harwar

Martin Harwar - Product Manager

Martin architected and developed a new type of learning delivery platform, based around a concept he named ‘Just-in-Time' Training. He evolved the concept of video-based training into a product suite called LightUp 365 and now manages all Just-in-Time training solutions for CoreView.

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