56% of Businesses’ Microsoft Office 365 Licenses are Mismanaged

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How is your organization managing your O365 licenses?

Do you know how many are inactive, unassigned, or underutilized and oversized?

We at CoreView recently published research that found that 56% of Businesses’ Microsoft Office 365 licenses are mismanaged.

Join us for this webinar as we dive into the details on all things license management – and how we can help IT leaders be more proactive in optimizing their license usage

• Provides timely alerts to problems like suspicious login attempts or misconfigurations, which account for 80% of breach vulnerabilities.

• Includes Long-term data retention and fine-grained reporting make audit and compliance response a breeze.

• Allows for the delegation of limited admin rights to allow companies to segregate duties and achieve least privileged access for M365, simultaneously reducing the attack surface and making administration easier and more efficient.

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