Driving Usage Adoption for Office 365

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The IT administration challenges for improving usage adoption of Office 365 have caused enterprise organizations to shift resources into creating a more proactive approach to monitor user activity and create targeted marketing campaigns to help drive increased adoption and focused training for the different workloads in Office 365. For organizations that want to be more proactive in fostering the adoption of SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams, and OneDrive, they need more visibility into user activity across all the products in Office 365. In addition, they need a focused approach to create an immersive learning program with incentives targeted through “gamification” programs. During the webinar, we will showcase the advanced capabilities available in 4ward365 that can extend the information provided by the Office 365 Adoption Pack and enable enterprise customers to create targeted adoption campaigns and provide custom training to foster education around the benefits of the different communication and collaboration capabilities found in Office 365. Our partner Vitalyst will reveal best practices around driving change with adoption and communications campaigns, immersive learning and live support programs. They will also discuss how they’ve leveraged a proven methodology to engage customers with targeted learning programs that help organizations increase usage and improve productivity by 3x that of their competitors. This in-depth discussion and demonstration of best practices for driving education initiatives, plus the 4ward365 adoption campaign facilitation functions, will help companies understand how to plan, implement and monitor their targeted marketing campaigns to increase usage for Office 365, including:

– Proactive monitoring for user activity of all Office 365 workloads

– Leveraging user activity metrics to create an immersive learning program for Office 365

– Driving effective adoption campaigns and tracking usage trends.

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