Forensic Security Auditing for Office 365

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The IT administration challenges for security auditing on historic events in Office 365 have caused enterprise organizations to identify ways to maintain log file data for a year or more. For organizations that want an integrated solution that stores Office 365 log file data and provides simplified tools for forensic security auditing, this webinar will be of extremely interesting. During the webinar, we will showcase the advanced capabilities available in 4ward365 that can help enterprise customers quickly identify audit trails for security issues and create the compliance reports necessary for validation and closure.

This in-depth discussion and demo of 4ward365’s security auditing functions will help administrators understand how to perform forensic research for security issues and configure automated alerts to identify administrators in case of a security breach or questionable compliance activity. The demo will also review the customizable reports available for security monitoring in Office 365.

Forensic auditing for security compliance issues in Office 365 Configuring automated alerts for known security risks Customizing security reports to fit your business need

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