Highlights of CoreView Version 20.01

In this webinar we'll discuss about the 30+ newest features aimed at improving adoption, streamlining workflows, and generating more robust reports.

Discover how you can be the IT hero of your company by showing your executives an elegant and detailed document that details how to maximize your Office 365 investment by improving security, optimizing licenses and driving adoption. This is all done through our new Office 365 Health Check assessment which produces a detailed 20-page report. Ask support or your partner for more information.

• Provides timely alerts to problems like suspicious login attempts or misconfigurations, which account for 80% of breach vulnerabilities.

• Includes Long-term data retention and fine-grained reporting make audit and compliance response a breeze.

• Allows for the delegation of limited admin rights to allow companies to segregate duties and achieve least privileged access for M365, simultaneously reducing the attack surface and making administration easier and more efficient.

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