License Management and Chargeback Billing for Office 365

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The IT administration challenges for license management in Office 365 have caused enterprise organizations to create a more tight-fisted approach to monitoring their subscriptions in order to control costs. For organizations that want to be more proactive in managing their licenses, control the distribution of those licenses, and perform chargeback billing, then they need a more full-featured management solution. During the webinar, we will showcase the advanced capabilities available in 4ward365 that can help enterprise organizations optimize their license management and take control over their Office 365 subscription costs. The webinar will also cover specific examples of business scenarios where accurate chargeback billing has been implemented successfully to distribute the licensing costs out to different business units. Webinar topics will include the following:

– Proactive monitoring and reporting for inactive and orphaned accounts

– Assigning ownership of strict license pools to business units

– Enabling chargeback billing and accounting.

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