How Do You Manage External Users in Your Tenant?

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Office 365 is an amazing productivity platform for your company. It helps to remove all barriers to simplify interactions between people, empowering them to achieve more with colleagues and external actors.

This is amazing, but do you know:

  • How many external users you have in your tenant, and how many are active versus inactive in the last 90 days?
  • Who is taking care of provisioning and de-provisioning external users?
  • What external users are doing in your tenant, including what files are being accessed, shared, and downloaded?
  • How to access external user activity logs?
  • What to do if an external account is breached?
  • How to automatically notify external users that all activities are tracked, a log of accesses is kept for several years and that they are responsible to keep confidential information protected? 

Join this webinar to learn how to empower each person in your organization to do more, while ensuring governance of external users and security policies, custom compliance dashboards and automated workflow monitor, enforce and remediate issues easily.

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