Partner Enablement Webinar: Learn How CoreView improves Microsoft 365 management and partner lead generation opportunities!

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In late August CoreView 20.07 was released with some key enhancements to improve management of Microsoft 365 environments, as well as extending CoreView’s ability to compliment Microsoft solutions for protecting and optimizing Microsoft 365, and other SaaS, environments. In this webinar we will cover the core management CoreView features and the new enhancements. In addition, we’ll discuss the deal registration process through the CorePartner Portal and partner lead generation opportunities.

Learn about these new features and more

  • Seamless transitioning across multiple devices and organizational networks through the integration of CoreSecurity, CoreScan, and CoreTag.
  • Easily set up dynamic workflows, components, automated actions and processes with CoreFlow.
  • Supports a new UI and CoreSaaS integration with G-Suite and G Vault.
  • Quickly view regional settings in CoreReporting for time and dates in the CoreView portal.
  • Create new training content in CoreLearning tailored and customized for your organization, in multiple languages.

Join Valentin Vasquez, Principal Solution Architect, Gail Ferreira, Product Marketing Manager, and Stephanie Checchi, Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing for our second Partner Enablement Webinar to learn more about the CoreView solution and new partner lead generation opportunities to grow your business.

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