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Engaging and Training the Modern Worker

Authored by: Nick Cavalancia, Microsoft MVP

What kinds of eLearning delivery exist, and which is best?

Everything You Need To Know for your User Education

Organizations moving at the speed of technology don’t just impact IT; users are equally impacted when the environment in which they work changes.


Very few businesses can thrive and grow without needing to provide some sort of continuing education. In fact, most employees desire to learn new skills to make themselves more valuable to their employer.

In this eBook, we’ve put together some considerations for customers around eLearning that will help to determine just how successful your user education strategy will be.


We’ll explore:

• Traditional eLearning;
• Just-In-Time (JIT) eLearning.

A peek at what’s inside…

“Your organization wants to educate users on how to begin using Office 365. With Traditional eLearning, the initial course would likely be an overview of all the services offered to the user that takes 30-60 minutes followed by the detailed functionality within each Office 365 application (Teams, SharePoint, Skype for Business, etc.) Those detailed learning tracks would likely be 90-120 minutes each, so you can easily see that completing the entire curriculum will take days….”

– Chapter 4: Focusing on the right eLearning Method

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