September 25, 2019

Gain Full Control and Ownership of Office 365 with CoreView and Veeam

Learn how Veeam and CoreView work together to bring you unbeatable Office 365 management and data protection

Office 365 is complex and amazing. Proper Office 365 management, security, and application adoption make it simple and even more incredible. You also want a 100% guarantee that your O365 data is always safe and available – no matter what happens. CoreView + Veeam give you both.

Download our white paper, Gain Full Control and Ownership of Office 365 with CoreView and Veeam and learn to:

  • Reduce costs and maximize the value of your Office 365 investment by optimizing license usage 
  • Gain deep visibility into the configuration and security of your O365 environment by monitoring employee compliance with corporate policies, preventing risky activity and avoiding vulnerabilities 
  • Protect and guarantee access to your critical business data in the event of system failures and natural and man-made disasters

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